My cards and clairvoyance has shown me & my clients many bad relationships, fake friends, some of them have been able to stop thieves from carrying out their plans and has always led us to victory every time. I help navigate you through your hardships, because of the warnings that I've gotten in the past.

I help to keep my clients on watchful eyes and or to help them stay away and stop all association with those kind of people all together. I have been able to help not only myself but also my clients stay very safe & highly knowledgeable about their dsmp and the people they deal with.

My clients follow my readings and depict who and what they mean in their life, The cards never lie. They are to be understood and thought out carefully by people and what they are going through and who they are dealing with in order to be guided properly one must listen very carefully.

The answers are always revealed, my tarot advisory has helped me & many others who have struggled with their guidance and for those who still struggle with factual knowledge about their lives and need to know which paths to take and what to watch out for.

I am one among many not all but many who are (Real Readers Helping People) Like my name states I am TrueReadings I give the truth good or bad, if you ask I will tell and can pick up very fast not only on your situation but I go all into detail about future events what is surrounding you, how to fix things before something like that happens, or to be shown if the problem is actually benign & workable between the both of you.