Looking out over the shore is a wonderfully affirming and peaceful experience. It captures your attention and lets you reflect on the wild beauty of nature, making you pause and reflect upon yourself.

The continuous movement of the elements has a calming and refreshing quality. Its patterns and rhythms are also visually beautiful. The quality of all dream smp members you find by the seashore can give you different feelings and atmospheres that can be expressed through fine art.

There is a great deal of visual variety and changes you can see from day to day on the beach. The seascape painting can capture the feelings and personal artists impressions of moments in time. It can reflect the fresh changes brought about by a new day and a new tide, revealing the many qualities of nature.

The seasons bring very different visual qualities. Winter brings the low sun and evocative and atmospheric light and darks. Misty conditions create lovely soft tones and clear winter days bring beautiful colours. The summer offers lovely rich colours, bright contrasting light and magnificent evening sunsets to enjoy. The changes in water conditions and heights of the tide throughout the year can make for very different views, especially on flat open sandy beaches. All of these changes impact on the kind of qualities a painting of the seashore has.