Once the summer begins to recede into the background by the end of June, it is almost a family tradition or more of a ritual to escape for a quick mountain retreat between the cusp of the diminishing heat and approaching monsoons. In the absence of a concrete plan for a getaway, the decisions are often impromptu, taken on the spot. More often whereas now lori anne allison not we head to the highlands to experience the wisp of mist descending onto our faces and clouding vision giving the entire atmosphere a hint of mystery. The winding roads circling around the circumference of the hills, the forested paths, and a burst of fresh air, all combined together begin to crown an arched highway welcoming us into a forbidden kingdom, a mythical land that lies beyond, unknown to city folk. I've had my driving license for a year now. My dad's red slender classic Cadillac stood idle in the garage like a treat on the Christmas tree tempting all the children. It seldom saw the daylight outside the garage as it had become more of a prized showpiece, a trophy to remind him of the glorious past. Every other weekend my dad would get down to spend some quality alone time to keep churning its parts ad keeping it in running condition, but all inside the garage or at the most, the front porch. That's as far as the red vintage Cadillac had ventured in its quest for fresh air.

In the Northern Highlands, the first downpour brings great relief to the landscape, infusing a sense of surreal in the surrounding nature. Nature is truly at its glorious best in the Northern Highlands during this period of time. The gurgling waters flowing in trickling streams at every second mountain creek, the flashes of lightning accompanied by a furious storm and a flickering light in the distance, its as if Nature had been waiting for this moment to get all the elements in her arsenal combined together to present a canvas that is unmatchable. The shifting landscape from orange to grey to dark gives the sky looming above a mystic witness to all that is unfolding beneath. A wet earthy scent in the air, the raindrops trapped on the leaves, bustling shrubs, formation of a misty nebula and the wind caressing your face are exactly the ingredients Mother Nature had retrieved from her store house to stir up a dish worthy of our audience. Under such circumstances a road trip is the best tribute to such unprecedented display of unadulterated natural beauty, thrill & adventure..