iPhone has a unique feature of tracking notifications. These notifications provide regular updates about what devices are tracking you, even when you are not accessing your device in real time. In this article, you will learn what are tracking notifications and their useful features.

What are iPhone tracking notifications?

Iphone tracking notifications are a type of push notification that you receive from your phone app regularly when a device or network is tracking your iPhone activity.

At present, the tracking feature is available on iOS 14 or above versions of the iPhone.

the tracking notifications iphone is implemented by the manufacturer company Apple for security purposes and to maintain the privacy of their customers. these notifications are a part of the ‘Find My’ app. Generally, tracking notifications are of two types-

  • App–based tracking notifications
  • Location-based tracking notifications

Steps to view iPhone tracking notifications

on iPhone, you have the customization option for tracking notifications so that you receive only important notifications of which Find My apps are monitoring iPhone. However, all the received tracking notifications will be displayed on the iPhone screen in the latest to oldest form.

How to enable tracking notifications on iPhone?

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your phone and select the “Privacy” option.
  • Click on the option of “ Location Services”, and then “Location Services”.
  • Move to the “System Services”.
  • Click on “Significant Locations” and “Find My iPhone” option.
  • Return to “Settings” and click on the “Bluetooth” option to turn it on.
  • Return to “Find My” app. Click on “Yourself” option here.
  • last, toggle on the “Tracking Notification” for receiving tracking notifications.