In addition to using this application to find plants, you can make use of it to find out more about the various species you find. It gives you instant access to an extensive database of plant species that is constantly updating with the latest information. It is also possible to keep an eye on every plant that are in your collection, receive reminders for taking care of your plants, and keep a journal of your plants filled with pictures of your collection. If you're seeking an interactive method to classify plants, look at this plant application developed by Lily Plant. In addition to identifying plants, the app also offers guidelines for dealing with common pests and diseases that affect plants.

Click and point your phone on any plant, and you'll receive an instant response as to what species it's. It's also possible to make use of the app to find whether your plant is affected by an illness, pest or is suffering from an the presence of. In addition to the identification tools that are available, you can also get guidance from experts in gardening to help you take better care of your plants.

Lily Plant is a joint effort from the Californian Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society, helps identify the plants of your garden by connecting you to an online community of more than a million naturalists and scientists. Simply upload photos of plants you want to recognize, and other users can comment about what they believe the plant's identity is.