There are some of the visually riveting options for the digital lobby directories. If you notice then building these types of digital building directory styles is easier when you adhere to the following code of best practices.

  • All the phrases that you are going to use must be concise.
  • Every line should not contain more than five words.
  • If it is more then 4-5 words then the screen will look cluttered.
  • Regardless of the distance, people should be able to read the content easily.
  • Using the simple font is important.
  • For every design, the maximum number of fonts that you can use can be limited to two.
  • Choose only the legible and simple fonts.
  • Focusing technique is going to give you the best look.
  • If you are going to incorporate as much white space as possible, then this is called as breathability technically. The more breathing space on the display, the more it is easier for the viewers to read the content. Also, if there is any important information that is delivered to the audience then it can be easily visible at once.
  • Visual hierarchy is important for the readers to know where to look for what.
  • Effectively using headlines and high contrast items will help in Smart presentation.

Highly interactive and simple

All the controls must be intuitive and all the readers must be able to go back to the previous settings and listings without any discomfort. This is possible only when you are not going to overcomplicate the digital building directory software interface settings. Instead, make it highly interactive and simple. Remember, there is variety of audiences. Everyone should find it easier. Regardless of industry, first impressions matter. And when it comes to digital building directories, presentation is everything. So, watch out for all these factors before you are going to design one to impress audience across boundaries.

  • One of the most crucial factors in this situation is lighting. Keep in mind that the directories are constructed outside. This will be positioned in the lobby. The kind of lighting you want to employ will thus make it simpler for the audience to read what is given to them pleasantly.


  • Based upon the type of design that you are going to use, the lighting will be selected accordingly. The amount of light can be varying during different times of the day. It is important for you to test for different conditions. The digital building directory should be tested for lighting effects during different time conditions. Sometimes colors that you choose can be of best help to make it completely legible in different lights.


  • If the color contrast is poorer than the legibility is compromised. One thing to remember here is about the colors that evoke emotions.


  • Items on display can look to be larger when you are going to use the warm and bright colors.

On the other hand, if you are going to choose the bright and cold shades, then that presentation of the digital building directories is going to give you a professional but modern feel.

Customized experience

Violet, Green and Navy will be the cold, dark colours.Usually the architects and financial consultants are choosing these type of colors because it is going to reveal a sense of Stability and quality. On the whole, the way the panel is going to be interactive is always going to be the prime factor to consider. If you are going to implement it in the right way, then the digital building directories will be adding quite a lot of value by creating one suitable and more customized experience for the tenants and the guests.