Yvan Charade is a French stuntman and also Stunt double who has worked in many films. He has been the official stuntman for Jean Marais as well as Alain Delon, and he has likewise collaborated with Cary Grant, Sterling Hayden, as well as Eddie Constantine. He has likewise been a stunt organizer for several movies.

Yvan Chiffre

Yvan Chiffre was an achieved stuntman and also supervisor. yvan chirade net worth He was also the father of manufacturing manager Philippe Chiffre and artist Romain Chiffre, and the grandfather of Cesar Chiffre.

He is best understood for his job as a stuntman in films like Z by Duccio Tessari, La Grande Vadrouille by Gerard Oury, Le Cercle Rouge by Jean-Pierre Melville, and more than 200 various other titles. He published an autobiography, A l'ombre des stars in 1992. In 2017, the Academy Honor, Oscars In Memoriam honored him for his life achievement.

He started his expert Profession as an aide to comic musician Francis Bertrand. He later functioned with comic author Dupa on 'Cubitus' and also 'Chlorophylle', a collection of funny animal characters that ran in Tintin magazine. He additionally assisted Turk and Bob De Groot on 'Leonard', 'Robin Dubois' and also 'Clifton'. His dynamic brushwork and funny design drew ideas from the job of the timeless masters of the French-Belgian school, including Andre Franquin, Albert Uderzo, Gotlib as well as Bill Watterson.

Stunt Planner

Stunt organizers function very closely with Stunt actors to choreograph hazardous scenes on the set. They often have years of experience as stuntmen themselves, and also they comprehend the dangers involved firsthand.

They also have a deep understanding of health and wellness codes on collection, which is essential since they need to see to it the scene is risk-free for all participants. They can additionally be specialists on a specific kind of Stunt, such as water or air stunts.

They collaborate the entire movie's Stunt job, working closely with the director and initial AD to guarantee that all activity sequences are safe for both cast participants and also crew. yvan chirade age They additionally manage technological aspects of stunts, such as rigging as well as heights.


Yvan Deception was in the acting game for some time yet he still took care of to outdo himself as the Stunt meister of the 1970s. Aside from the aforementioned accolades he was a very skilled and unpleasant actor - and his name was also led to out on stage at one time or an additional.