With more than 8 million apps flooding Android and iOS platforms, users require an ever-improving user experience. This in turn forces developers to find creative methods of increasing user satisfaction and remain competitive in an extremely crowded mobile app market. That is where Artificial Intelligence steps up. Artificial Intelligence uses well-designed algorithms to make decisions based on real-time data.


Existing mobile applications do not yet support this growing trend towards Artificial Intelligence programming. One reason top mobile application development companies are expanding their skill sets is by creating apps equipped with AI features.


Mobile App Development: Where It All Started


Mobile app development was just in its infancy a short while ago. Yet already it has marked an exciting technological revolution that would transform how we interact with mobile devices. We had an incredible journey back in these early days when innovation took its first tentative steps. All this led to mobile app creation.


AI Integration: Deriving Good Data


The demand for artificial intelligence development services has gone up by more than 45% worldwide. The reason is its effectiveness in every aspect of service delivery.


 An effective AI integration relies on having quality data. Before diving in with integration efforts, it’s wise to review what types of information your mobile or web app makes or accesses. such as user interactions, transactions, and behavioural patterns. before beginning integration work. 


Benefits that Artificial Intelligence Offers


  1. Learn User’s Behavior Pattern: Combine machine learning and natural language processing, and it creates an accurate portrayal of user preferences. Based on users’ likes, technology can study behaviour to provide exactly what users are searching for. 
  2. Neural Networks: An interesting component of AI is machine learning. Machine learning finds widespread application across industries, including forecasting or voice synthesis technologies; automotive, aerospace, and financial sectors.
  3. Offers Automated Reasoning: Installing AI technologies into mobile apps to increase productivity is one of the key AI components needed. Uber serves as the best example in this regard.
  4. Conversational User Interface: Conversant user interface technology can make communication with computers much more natural. Speech recognition may not be new, but conversational user interface is.
  5. Accuracy and Perfection: Artificial intelligence can provide fast output with greater precision, accuracy, and perfection than any other method available today.
  6. Rapid Completion of Repetitive Tasks: AI makes monotonous tasks simpler to complete quickly and effortlessly, saving both time and resources while killing creativity and draining resources from productive use.


The Top Artificial Intelligence Technologies For Mobile Applications


Check out the top AI technologies that can work wonders for mobile applications.


  • Chatbots
  • Speech Recognition Technology
  • Biometrics
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Recognition
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Transformed Business Solutions


Mobile App Development And AI: Future


AI solution providers hold immense promise to transform mobile app development practices and user experiences in ways never imagined possible.


Our experts have provided invaluable input in forecasting mobile app development trends and their future with AI.


AI will enhance the contextual sensitivity of apps, helping them more accurately interpret user situations and offer immediate assistance or advice in real-time. Your apps could anticipate users’ needs based on location, time, or past behaviour. for instance.


Advances in deep learning algorithms will enable apps to develop a deeper understanding of user preferences, emotions, and intentions. It leads to more accurate predictions, personalized recommendations, and enhanced interactions that enhance the overall user experience.


Wrapping Up


So if you’re creating new apps in 2019, be sure to include artificial intelligence! Engaging new users while keeping existing ones engaged. Tracking user activity and providing personalized experiences are great strategies. So, you just need to knock on the doors of the best artificial intelligence solutions company and get all the benefits as stated above. 


Original Source: https://www.a3logics.com/blog/integrating-ai-in-mobile-app-development