There are many kinds of advertising materials and ever-changing forms of advertising, and the quality, type, and application of advertisement cloth are also constantly being optimized and evolved. Light box cloth is also called lamp cloth, inkjet cloth, warp-knitted cloth, etc. It is made of PVC as the main raw material and is mainly used for indoor and outdoor advertising inkjet printing. Black-and-white cloth is also called black-backed cloth and black-covered cloth. The front is white and the back is black. It is opaque.

Sometimes we will see that individual truss background walls are made of ordinary light cloth. Through the light cloth, we can clearly see the outline of the truss and compare the grades. This is not the case with a black and white cloth. The mesh of the knife-scraped outer light cloth is a woven fabric, high-strength fiber, and the knife-scraped inner light cloth has a good light transmission effect and uniform light. Compared with ordinary lamp cloth, knife scraping cloth has stronger anti-permeability, tensile strength, and anti-peeling ability.

Knife scraping cloth has high strength, good ductility, strong flexibility, anti-oxidation, severe cold resistance, good ink absorption, and high color reproduction.

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