This is a beautiful sound of jade, like the warm sun in March, gentle as trickling water, can soak the heart, the important thing is that this is a male voice. But no matter how nice the voice is, it can't make the sense of alert and the unusual scenery dispel the sense of crisis. She stood up and said, "Where is the evil spirit that dares to slip to my vast peak?" Chapter 369 raiders seven hundred years ago old virgin. "The vast peak." The voice hesitated and then said, "I am not a demon." Scenery followed the sound to see the cold sword on the table, the sound is also from the cold sword, she secretly said, is this sword has a sword spirit? "If you are not a demon, who are you?" She asked tentatively. "I am the first disciple of Xuanmen." She was stupefied and subconsciously retorted, "The first disciple of Xuanmen is my Elder Martial Brother." "Who is your brother?" "My brother is Shang Baizi." "Never heard of it." The scenery released its spiritual power and explored it. Apart from the Cold Sword, there was nothing with the spirit and the spirit of demons on the vast peak. She was not aware of the murderous look, so she sat down again and asked, "You said you were the first disciple of Xuanmen. What's your name?" "My name is Fang Yue." "Never heard of it,teardrop pallet racking," she said, imitating his words. He chuckled. "Who are you?" "Xia Fengguang is the second disciple of Xuanmen Headmaster." "Under the seat of the master." Scenery.. He hesitated a few times, as if he had thought about it. "How's it going?" Asked the scenery? Don't you know that the head of Xuanmen has a disciple like me? "The girl is right." "That's interesting. I thought you were my sword spirit, but now listening to what you said, I think we're staying in a different Xuanmen." Well, maybe parallel space? "What is parallel space?" "Parallel space is in this universe,metal racking systems, there may be countless worlds, because of subtle differences, there will be many branches, and these branches, will become a world, you see, you say you are the first disciple of Xuanmen, but I know that the first disciple of Xuanmen is only my brother, I have never heard of the name of Fang Yue." In Xuanmen, the name of the first disciple of each generation will be recorded, because generally speaking, the first disciple will become the next head of Xuanmen. She has looked through the historical roster of Xuanmen in the library, radio shuttle racking ,metal racking systems, but she has never seen Fang Yue. Since it is parallel space, why can I hear your voice? "Well.." Maybe it's because of the Cold Sword. The Cold Sword is an artifact. It's not surprising that it has the ability to connect two worlds. "Is it?" He paused for a moment and then added, "The Cold yuan Sword is only passed to the first disciple under the headmaster. It seems to be quite different from the girl's side." Because she said she had a big brother, but the Cold yuan Sword was in her hand. It's not different. It's because my elder brother can't take over the position of master, so the master passed it on to me. "I see." He said in a gentle voice, "Since I took over Hanyuan Sword, there have been many voices of criticism. As a woman, I'm afraid the situation is even more difficult than mine." She said with a smile, "I'm always aloof and silent outside. They don't dare to trouble me at will." What's more, she was in charge, and no one dared to look for trouble. At most, she talked behind her back. He asked in a funny way, "He is aloof and silent outside. What about inside?" "Of course, how comfortable it is." The scenery stretched and lay on the table again, and his voice was lazy. The opposite person cannot see her, does not know her, she does not need to pretend to be the congenital appearance of the flower of Kaolin. Elder Martial Brother, accompany me to practice the sword! The scenery heard the sound of knocking at the door and the woman's charming voice over there. She said, "Oh, it sounds like a lovely little sister." "Miss Xia." "I'm kidding. Go ahead. It's not a good thing to keep a girl waiting. Maybe we can talk next time." "Then.." If you'll excuse me. Then there was no sound. It was a wonderful experience to put Hanyuan Sword away, touch his chin and chat with another Xuanmen disciple. Chapter 370 raiders seven hundred years ago old virgin. Near the end of the night, the vast peak is silent. Xiaoxiao didn't know how to use a sword, so she spent an hour climbing the vast peak with her short legs. She had not done such a persistent thing for a long time since she could remember, except for trying to make her father laugh. She walked in the woods on the mountain, but she was small and weak. Holding the tree to rest for a long time, she stamped her feet and said, "It's not good to live anywhere, but to live in such a high place!" A monkey suddenly jumped out, bared its teeth at the little girl and approached her step by step. Xiaoxiao couldn't help retreating and dared to shout, "Don't come over!" "I thought you were bold, but I was wrong." The monkey saw the girl who appeared behind Xiaoxiao and ran away. Xiaoxiao turned around and saw the smiling scenery in his eyebrows and eyes. He was angry and ashamed. His mouth was flat and he had a tendency to cry. "You are a woman without conscience. If I didn't want to give you medicine, I wouldn't come to this place!" "How come I have no conscience?" The scenery was amused by her words, but when she saw her little face wrinkled to cry, she squatted down and touched her head. "Well, it's my fault. It's not good for the little girl to cry." "The ghost uncles say I'm so beautiful that I can't cry!" She sniffed to keep the mist from coming out of her eyes. Well, that's a tough little girl. She pinched the tip of her nose. "Who are your ghost uncles?" "Uncle Ghost is Uncle Ghost." Just as she answered in the daytime that Dad was Dad. The girl looked cocky at first glance, but she was cute in her bones. The scenery looked at her little white skirt because of climbing the mountain and stained with dust,automated warehouse systems, can not help but feel dirty to rise the feeling of love, the scenery took out a handkerchief, gently wiped the dust on Xiaoxiao's face. Xiaoxiao gawked at her.