It doesn't matter if you don't say it, but what about the contract with the airline? Generally, new people have to sign a contract for more than three years when they enter the airline. I remember you haven't done it yet. She shrugged her shoulders. "That's like a river. At most, I'll pay the penalty." "That's not a small number." Zhaoxi smiled shallowly, "you don't have to worry about that." With the relationship between Wu Shi and the president of Feixiang, I'm afraid they won't accept it. Xiaoxi, "a big man like a strange man in the middle of the bell stepped into their line of sight." How can he just go? " "This is." Cindy's beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, staring at the ferocious-looking man in front of her, whose appearance was not good at all, while the deep eyes of Tyrannosaurus Rex stared at them as if they were going to devour people. Zhaoxi raised her eyebrows in disbelief. "Cindy, don't you know him?"? You've been flying aviation for almost ten years. "Should I know this guy?" Dengtuzi on the plane, she has seen a lot of non-human beings outside the gold and jade. This guy's surname is Lu and his given name is Yuxiang. Do you have any impression of that? "Eh!"! It has the same name as our president! Zhaoxi stroked his forehead and couldn't hold back his laughter. "I'm really convinced by you!" Cindy's Frank enthusiasm and persistence are also one of the reasons why she can't get rid of her. Ignore him. Go! Let's find a place to talk, and you have to give me a good explanation. "Stop, who allows you to take her away?" Lu Yuxiang shouted to them. Not to be outdone, Cindy said,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "Who do you think you are?" What kind of sparks will be aroused when a domineering man meets an independent and confident woman? Zhaoxi is looking forward to some, but now is an extraordinary period, she has to go to the afternoon prenatal examination, had to miss this good play. Bypassing the two deadlocked people, Zhaoxi walked in the direction of the exit, nearly colliding with the people who entered,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and she turned neatly to avoid it. I'm sorry She glanced up and put her surprise under her long eyelashes. She almost bumped into Du Shaoheng. I'm the one who should be sorry, uh! Miss, haven't we met somewhere? He seems to have passed that pair of black glass pupils somewhere. This kind of pick-up line is out of date. She dropped the words and walked away quickly. Leaving a touch of elegant violet fragrance, Du Shaoheng suddenly woke up, she was like the mysterious woman who invaded Yushen Science and Technology! She's missing! Facing the dark night sky, Xia Zilong on the single sofa covered the brightly lit street scene with a wisp of gauze, adding a hazy beauty. With the clouds and smoke curling between his fingers, it seemed that she had a smile, the virgin he had touched for the first time in his life. God damn it! At this moment, his mood seemed to be immersed in five miles of fog, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and he stubbed out his cigarette. What's the matter? The sexy beauty wore transparent pajamas and encircled his neck from behind him. He gazed at the whole French window to reflect the gorgeous face of Zhen Ye Li Zhi, who was his longest-dated bed companion, because she would not be stalked, was a calm and shrewd new woman of the times, and was currently a famous model in the Japanese fashion industry. Why are you nothing like you are today? Xia Zilong looked back at her coldly, "you care too much." He got up and picked up the messy clothes on the ground and put them back on his body one by one. So you're not happy? True Ye Lizhi pursed his mouth and buttoned his cufflinks and tie for him. "I don't want to care, but you've been absent-minded these days. Did something happen?" She was confident that she had a place in his heart, and no woman knew him better than she did. Who gave you this power? He clasped her wrists and smiled cruelly at the line of his cold lips. I I Her heart trembled with horror, and the pain in her wrist was far less than the light of his grim eyes. Only then did she realize that she was so wrong that he was not an easy person to grasp. Fuck off He left her. She bumped into the wall, her wrist was pinched out a bruise, she clenched her teeth, regardless of the pain, picked up the clothes on the ground and fled quickly. The room fell silent after she left. Suddenly, the phone rang. He picked up his cell phone and listened. Zilong! I think I might be able to find out the identity of the woman who invaded Ushen Technology that day! Du Shaoheng's excited voice came from the microphone. "Uh-huh!" At the moment, his mind was filled with the strange disappearance of Wu Zhaoxi. Why did she approach him? And why would it be empty? "Leave it to me, that's all!" Xia Zilong hung up the phone, and soon the phone rang again. Zilong, about the mysterious woman in silver. "Shaoheng has already started to investigate this matter. I have something to ask you for help." Iwata did not interrupt, waiting for Xia Zilong to go on, he would be so cautious is really rare. Use the power of the Dragon Clan to help me find a man, Wu Zhaoxi. "Woman!" "Yes!"! I want to know everything about her. He will not spare anyone who dares to tease him, deceive him, or treat him lightly. Iwata pondered for a moment. "Okay!"! I'll give you an answer in three days. Xia Zilong nodded, "thank you!" He put away the phone with an inscrutable sneer on his lips. Wu Zhaoxi, getting into trouble with him will be the nightmare of her life. Shu Xin's baby Miyue's birthday. Zhao Xi knew that Xia Zilong would appear, so he didn't intend to attend, but he was dragged by his sister. Shu Xin's baby is so cute that she doesn't look like her ferocious husband at all. "Do you want to be kicked out of the door?" Wu Zhaoxun could not help saying. Zhaoxun, Zhaoxi, borrow it. Wu Zhaoyi dragged Zhaoxi to an empty corner and lowered his voice, "Do you really have it?!" Zhaoxi smiled, and his eyes were shining with love and gazing at his belly. Have you checked it? "Wu Zhaoyi frowned. With her grandmother's support, the younger sister acted willfully and recklessly. She could even have a child out of wedlock." Does Mom and Dad know? "It's not easy to get in touch with them abroad, but I've told Grandma." Zhaoxi stroked his belly happily. Grandma was very happy, and she said that the child could be surnamed Wu. "My God!"! I thought you were just joking, but I didn't think you actually did it. Wu Zhaoyi patted his forehead. Among the five of them,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Zhaoxi, who had no boyfriend, was the first to get the good news that she was pregnant. No wonder her grandmother would smile from ear to ear and give her full support.