On the bus, the driver chatted with me and asked me whether I was looking for relatives or what I was doing, saying that all the people living in the address I reported were rich people. Of course I knew Jin Ping was rich, but I was surprised when I arrived at the place. I was a little excited when I saw the villa for the first time. I couldn't help saying to the King of Hell in the jade pendant, "You are very good at picking people. People who live in such a house are definitely rich people." It is estimated that the King of Hell has not yet woken up, and his voice sounds a little lazy: "In the underworld, such a house is also inhabited by the dead." I know that a few years ago, someone burned a paper house for the dead or a big house, gradually, it became a villa or something, more modern. Most of the houses burned to the dead will also appear in the underworld, so it is not surprising that the King of Hell said so. The villas in this area are all next to each other. They are set up as a small area. You have to go through a big iron gate to get in. Naturally, there are security guards, and ordinary people can't get in. When I got to the gate of the community, the young man who followed Jin Ping in the morning was already waiting there, and I went in smoothly. There are many trees and flowers planted here, and they are trimmed in a magnificent way. Had it not been for my nervousness, I would have enjoyed it well. I was afraid that the King of Hell would fall asleep again, and then I would be embarrassed if I couldn't wake up. In front of the villa in Jinping, the young man took me in. I looked at the magnificent decoration and furnishings in the villa and tried to tell myself to calm down. If the King of Hell dared to make a fool of me,stainless steel tile trim, I would never finish with him. Jin Ping was sitting on the sofa in the living room on the first floor. When he saw me coming in, he quickly stood up and said, "Miss Fan Yin, I didn't expect you to come so soon. I was in the company, but I came back specially after receiving your call.". You can rest for a while first, and it's not urgent to wait and see. I nodded and sat down on the sofa opposite him. It was so hot when I walked in just now. It was quite cool when the air conditioner was turned on. Before I could rest, the ghost Yama directed me in the jade pendant: "Go to the fish tank on your left and pay attention to it." I pretended to look at a larger fish tank not far from my left hand,stainless steel tile edging, then got up and walked over, standing in front of the fish tank and pretending to look at it. I'm not here for a biology class, and I'm supposed to watch it carefully, and I don't like fish, so why should I watch it? Jin Ping followed and said, "Miss Fan Yin, is there anything wrong with this fish tank?" Just when I didn't know what to say, the voice of the ghost came: "That white fish is a little interesting." I am stupefied, repeat his words: "That white fish is a bit interesting..." At the same time, my eyes fell on the white fish in the corner of the bathtub. There were many strange fish in the tank, all rare species. The white fish was not as lively as the other fish and stayed motionless at the bottom of the tank alone. The white fish is very beautiful, the fin is transparent, light and big, the tail is also, china tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, there is no messy color on the body, the fish body is about 20 centimeters, slender, there are two long whiskers around the mouth, more peculiar is that the fish's eyes are golden yellow.. Chapter 74 new love and old love. When Jin Ping heard me say this, a smile appeared on his face. He stared at the white fish and said, "This fish was fished up from the sea a while ago. It's very strange and beautiful. I haven't seen it in most of my life, so I kept it at home.". Miss Fan Yin, don't you think there's something wrong with this fish? "All right, let him take you to his room," the ghost reminded the King of Hell. I did so. Jin Ping politely took me to his room. When I went upstairs, a man came out of the room on the left. He looked very pale and pale. He looked about twenty years old. If his skin was not too white and thin, he was handsome and tall. Jin Ping said to the young man, "Xiaopeng, don't walk around. Go back to your room." The young man did not speak, but glanced at me and went back to his room. "That's my son, Jin Peng," explained Jin Ping. I'm twenty-two years old, and I haven't been in good health since I was a child. I've been worried a lot these years. I didn't care. I nodded and didn't speak. When I arrived at Jinping's bedroom, I suddenly felt a sense of coolness. I deliberately looked at the air conditioner installed on the wall, but did not turn it on. So where did the cool air come from? Some houses are indeed cooler, but not so cool, there is a problem here! In the bedroom, there was a big wedding photo of Jin Ping and a woman on the head cabinet. The woman looked much younger than him, and she was very beautiful. I subconsciously thought that he had been married for the second time, because Jin Ping in the photo looked about the same age as now, and it was definitely not the photo taken before. I looked around the room. I don't know anything about Feng Shui. I'm just putting on an act. If I didn't say anything all the time, I would be flustered. I pulled out the jade pendant around my neck and pinched it intentionally or unintentionally. In fact, I asked the ghost King of Hell to teach me what to say. It was a little embarrassing not to speak for a long time. Jin Ping's sight fell on the jade pendant: "Miss Fan Yin, your jade is good." I knew the jade was good, so I smiled and didn't speak. He was not a curious person who asked questions in the end, nor did he say anything more. 'Meow' A cat suddenly came in. What happened a while ago made me feel a little uncomfortable with cats. I stepped aside and saw a white cat with a collar around its neck swaggering in. The breed of the cat is unusual at first sight. I don't understand cats, and I can't say why, but it's really different from those local cats in the countryside. The cat has snow-white hair, watery blue eyes, and a long, thin, good-looking figure. The cat came in and went to the bottom. Jin Ping didn't care. He asked me, "Miss Fan Yin, do you see anything?"? "The layout of this bedroom is done according to the meaning of a Mr. Yin and Yang. There won't be any problem with Feng Shui, will there?" I don't know Feng Shui, and I can't talk nonsense. I just chuckled and didn't speak. You asked him how many wives he had. The ghost King of Hell suddenly said. I feel a little strange, this is the private life of others, ask not very good appearance. But when he asked me to ask,tile trim factory, I just asked, although my mind was still a mess, and I didn't know what he had been telling me to do. jecatrims.com