Gu Hao is silent & # 21070; that Finally, he nodded helplessly and said, "Since the eminent monk is entrusted by the" two immortals "couple, what else is there to say?". With a slight pause in his voice, he said, "However, Gu Hao can't retreat and return to Qianshan at the moment. If he has to wait a little time, the wild monk nodded and said," Of course. I, the wild monk, understand your intention! " Gu Hao said with a smile, "Now it has been explained that the matter of worshipping the two immortals.." "Don't worry," said the wild monk with a smile. "I will never break my promise." After a pause, he changed the subject and said, "How about meeting Master Lu's Younger Martial Brother first?" With a flash in his eyes, Gu Hao said, "Is he the one who cured the wound of the master in charge of the Shaolin Arhat Hall?" The wild monk nodded and said, "Yes, he is also the contemporary head of Master Lu's school." "So," said Gu Hao, "Gu Hao is willing to pay his respects." The wild monk smiled and raised his voice to Changlin in the dark, saying, "Although my wild monk's lips are burnt and his tongue is broken, I have finally achieved success. Master, please come and see me." Suddenly there was a loud laugh in the darkness of the forest outside Sanzhang. A young man in black, handsome as a jade,heavy duty metal racks, carrying a black bookcase, with a noble bearing and a frightening power, walked out slowly. He is Wen Yuxun, the contemporary leader of "Tianlongmen". Gu Hao heart can not help but suddenly startled! He thought to himself, "This young man in black is so skillful that he can hide in a place about thirty feet away. With his decades of hard work and hearing, he doesn't even feel anything.." He thought to himself that Wen Yuxun had walked slowly and calmly three feet to the side of the wild monk. With a bow, he said, "Master Ye, I would like to thank you on behalf of my brother." The wild monk called himself "wild monk" because of his funny nature,wire mesh decking, laughing and laughing, without the solemn appearance of a Buddhist disciple. Today, however, it was strange that in the midst of Wen Yuxun bowing his hands to thank him, the wild monk suddenly changed his usual giggling manner and clasped his palms together with an awestruck look. "I don't deserve it," he said. "It's a little hard work. I deserve it. How can I deserve the thanks of the master?" Wen Yuxun smiled faintly, then turned to Gu Hao and said, "I'm glad that the elder Gu has made a wise choice and promised to quit the magic circle. This is really a great fortune for the world's martial arts world!" "Qianshan Shuangguai" Gu Hao and Gu Bin brothers are extremely arrogant and conceited, but they are between good and evil. They have done more good than evil in their lives, and they are heroes who attach great importance to faith. At this point, Gu Hao already knew that although the other party was young, he was the younger brother of Lu Zongyi, the "sage scholar of the two immortals in the South China Sea", and he was also the "master". So when he heard this, he quickly returned the salute with his hand. He smiled shyly and said, "The master said so, which made the old man ashamed and ashamed. If it hadn't been for the benevolent and chivalrous mind of Elder Martial Brother Lu, he wouldn't have remembered the old brother's Ask the wild master to come forward, mobile racking systems ,drive in racking system, then the old brother will not know how to fall in the future. With a slight pause in his voice and a calm expression, he answered with great sincerity, "Although the old man is several decades old and has been out of Jianghu for several decades, he is of the same generation as your Elder Martial Brother Lu. If the Master doesn't give up and thinks that the" Qianshan Shuangguai "brothers can still make friends, please change the three-character name of the ancient elder and call him" Elder Brother, that's enough! " The words are euphemistic, sincere and touching, which makes people feel excited. Wen Yuxun's eyes flashed and he said, "Since the elder brother said so, Wen Yuxun obeyed.". ” Into the ear jade "three words, Gu Hao heart can not help but suddenly a shock."? "Young brother," he exclaimed, "are you the" cold-faced and hot-handed gods and demons "in the legend of Wuliu Village, the Black Tiger Castle, which has been picked up recently?" As soon as Wen Yuxun's eyebrows drooped, he smiled indifferently and said, "Pick" Black Tiger Castle, Five Willows Village "and kill Shan Jun. Qiu Yong is really my younger brother. As for the nickname of" cold-faced and hot-handed gods and demons ", it's the first time I've heard of it. It's probably the nickname given to my younger brother by some good people in Jianghu!"! After a pause, he shook his head and suddenly asked, "Elder brother, do you think killing Shan Jun and Qiu Yong is a tough job and should be called a" magic word "?" This, asked Gu Hao can not help but slightly a sign! A little do not know how to answer the hesitation tunnel: "This." Wen Yuxun raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "What's the matter?"? Does the elder brother think so? "It depends on the reason why the young brothers killed the two of them," said Gu Hao. With a slight pause in his voice, he said, "With their reputations in the martial arts world, Shan Jun and Qiu Yong are both respected chivalrous men. The younger brother suddenly killed both of them and set fire to this village and fort. If there is no legitimate motive, they will naturally be regarded as hot hands and" demons "!" King Wen said lightly, "If the two of them really had a way to be killed, they wouldn't be, would they?" Gu Hao nodded and said, "Of course not." Wen Wang Xun smiled and asked, "Well, from the elder brother's point of view, does the younger brother have a good motive?" Gu Haomu noted that Wen Yuxun hesitated for a moment and said, "In my elder brother's opinion, Shan Jun and Qiu Yong must have a way to kill them. In other words, the younger brother and the two of them must have a deep blood feud."! Otherwise With a slight pause, Yu Feng gazed intently and asked, "What is the reason for the hatred? Can you tell me, little brother?" Wen Yuxun shook his head with a slightly gloomy expression and said, "Elder brother, please forgive me for the difficulties I have at present. However, in the near future, I will explain something to the martial arts world." Gu Hao's mind moved slightly and asked, "Little brother, when will this" near future "be?" Wen Yuxun pondered a little and said, "As far as the current situation in Wulin is concerned, it's at least three months or more than half a year. It's a period of time." With a slight pause in his voice, he changed the subject and asked, "When will the elder brother get away and return to Qianshan?" Gu Hao hesitated for a moment and said, "I have to make some arrangements. I have ten days and a half months. I can probably get away." Wen Yuxun nodded his head and kept silent for a while. Suddenly, he looked at the strange light and said, "I have a few questions. I want to ask you. Can you tell me what you know?" Gu Hao turned his eyes and said, "Little brother,heavy duty cantilever racks, do you want to ask about the things in the" circle "where the elder brother is standing now?" Wen Yuxun took the lead and said, "Besides, I have something else to ask you." 。