As a database administrator, you have to make sure the server is running at peak performance all the time. That’s why it’s important to upgrade the server regularly to take advantage of new features and bug fixes. 


An MS SQL Server update comes out once every couple of years, so you need to know if it’s worth upgrading your previous server version or not. If you are using an older version of Microsoft SQL Server, there are several reasons why you should consider upgrading to a newer version of the SQL 2019 license. Let’s see how an upgrade can benefit your organization in 4 ways!


  1. Better security measures


There are many important security features present in SQL Server 2019 that weren’t in previous versions. These include row-level security, virtual log truncation, and dynamic data masking. Row-level security allows you to specify different levels of access to the data based on various conditions. 

This can be helpful when you have large log files that need to be monitored closely. Dynamic data masking is another great security feature that wasn’t available in previous versions. This feature allows you to mask sensitive data such as social security numbers and credit card information.


  1. Improved performance and reliability


The main reason for upgrading your system is to get better performance and reliability. SQL Server 2019 brings enhancements such as improved parallelism and increased scalability, making it easier to scale your system up or down as needed. While parallelism is nothing new, SQL Server 2019 makes it easier to scale up. 


You can now add new nodes to scale up your system and use the Always On availability groups to scale out. This will ensure your system remains highly available and scalable, even with high workloads. The Visual Studio pro makes it more reliable.


  1. More powerful tools and features


Although the core functionality remains similar, there are some important tools and features that have been enhanced in SQL Server 2019. We’ve already mentioned MAX_LENGTH. Let’s look at the rest of them. Besides the core functionality, SQL Server 2019 also brings a few important tools.


Graph data is a new type of data that allows you to analyze and visualize data as a graph. You can use graph data to make sense of complex data that has a relationship. It can be helpful if you have to analyze complex data or make business decisions based on this data.


  1. Maintain your competitive edge


If you are using an older version of SQL Server, there’s a good chance your competitors are using a newer version. This puts your organization at a disadvantage since you’re operating with older technology that has less functionality and is less scalable. 


If you are using SQL Server 2019, you can easily add a node to scale up your system within a few hours. This is a significant difference that can help you maintain your competitive edge in today’s business environment.


When you choose to upgrade your previous version of Microsoft SQL Server, you get access to new features and performance enhancements that weren’t available in your previous version. Outlook 2019 product key brings several important upgrades, including better security, improved performance and reliability, more powerful tools, and more powerful features.