Fu Shaohua smiled indifferently and said, "The girl is wrong about me. For more than 20 years, Fu Shaohua hasn't played with anyone." "I don't believe Uncle Tie and Uncle Shang didn't say anything to you," said Wan Lingyi. "Miss," said Fu Shaohua, "Tie Da never thinks of such a thing." "But Uncle Shang is the most careful man," said Wan Lingyi. Fu Shaohua said, "I'm a guest at the Wanjia Gang. The girl doesn't mention it. I can't tell the girl what Shang Er said to me." Wan Lingyi was silent for a moment and said, "Then it's my fault. I apologize." "Miss," said Fu Shaohua, "your words are serious." "What did Uncle Shang say to you?" Asked Wan Lingyi. Fu Shaohua said, "It's just the housework of ten thousand families. I hope you don't care about it, and don't blame Shang Er." Wan Lingyi shook his head and said, "I won't. You may not believe it. There are so many people in the Wanjia Gang. I can only talk to Uncle Tie and Uncle Shang from outside, and I can only listen to what they say.." "I feel the same way," said Fu Shaohua. "Thank you, girl." Wan Lingyi shook his head and said, "Don't be polite to me. I'm not polite to you. I hope you won't be polite to me either." After a pause, he said, "I can only say that ten thousand families are unfortunate." "Miss," said Fu Shaohua, "it's not your father's fault." Wan Lingyi said,DIN screw plug, "Isn't it enough for him to treat my mother and me? As a woman, I know the four words of submissiveness and the word of filial piety. But he should treat my mother like that."? I'm just upset for my mother. "Miss," said Fu Shaohua, "your father will understand that day." "I see," said Wan Lingyi with a sneer. "It's difficult. Everyone knows that when you do things for others, you should be close to a gentleman and be far away from a villain. Especially for a leader, if he is close to a villain and far away from a gentleman, the consequences will be unimaginable. Cultivate oneself,deep draw stamping, regulate the family, govern the country and make the world peaceful. If you don't cultivate yourself, you can't regulate the family. If you don't regulate the family, you can't govern the country. My father is full People can't help but worry about the future of Wanjiabang. Fu Shaohua secretly admires unceasingly, thought: This female has the vision, has the insight, really feels ashamed, is different from the general vulgar powder... "The girl's words are too serious," he said. Wan Lingyi's eyes froze and he said, "It's too serious. Is that what you said in your heart?" Fu Shaohua did not speak. "I know," said Wan Lingyi. "From your standpoint, you can't say anything. You're an outsider. You're not a guest in the Wanjia Gang, and you won't play with me." "Thank you, Miss," said Fu Shaohua. Wan Lingyi was silent for a moment. He suddenly changed the subject and said, "What do you think of this incident at the Yunquan Temple?" Fu Shaohua said, metal stamping parts ,alloy die casting, "The words came out of my mouth, which brought death to the Great Awakening Monk. Although I didn't kill Boren, Boren died for me. I'm to blame.." Wan Lingyi said, "Are you sure that the murderer learned from your mouth.." "Miss," said Fu Shaohua, "as a matter of fact, the blind man only told me about the monk in charge of Yunquan Ancient Temple that day." "Have you only mentioned this to Uncle Tie, Uncle Shang and my father?" Asked Wan Lingyi. "Yes, miss," said Fu Shaohua. "Is there no one else?" Asked Wan Lingyi. "Miss.." said Fu Shaohua. "Where were you when you mentioned this to my father?" Asked Wan Lingyi. "In the hospitality hall," said Fu Shaohua. "Who else was there?" Asked Wan Lingyi. Fu Shaohua said, "In addition to your father Wan, Tie Da, and Shang Er, there are also the eight-armed Jade Nezha, the chief protector of your gang, five hall leaders, and your father's four bodyguards." Wan Lingyi's flowery dimple flashed a different color and said, "This kind of thing wasn't done by Uncle Tie and Uncle Shang. They're not that kind of people. There are a lot of villains in the Wanjia Gang. I'd like to find out which one of them is so ruthless and despicable." "Miss," said Fu Shaohua, "it's a matter of great importance. There's no evidence.." "That's enough evidence," said Wan Lingyi. "The cruel man used to use his left palm, and on his left palm he practiced the vicious and domineering skill of iron sand palm. This is the exact and powerful evidence. ” "Miss," said Fu Shaohua, "is there anyone in your gang who uses the left palm and practices the iron sand palm skill on the left palm?" Wan Lingyi shook his head slightly and said, "I don't know that yet. I'll check it out." Fu Shaohua said, "This kind of thing should only be investigated in secret. Before you find the person who uses the left palm and practices the iron sand palm skill on the left palm, you should not make it public, and you should not disturb your father. Even if you find the person who uses the left palm and practices the iron sand palm skill on the left hand, you should deal with it carefully and verify it in many ways, because he is not necessarily the only one who is used to using the left hand and practicing the iron sand hand skill." And because it's about your reputation. "Don't worry," said Wan Lingyi. "I know what to do." Fu Shaohua did not speak. When the two men galloped to Guisui, it was already the turn of Xu Hai. Wan Lingyi went straight back to the backyard. Tie Da and Shang were both waiting in the guest house for a long time. After they took Fu Shaohua into the guest house and took his seat, Tie Da couldn't help but be the first to open his mouth: "How are you, young master? Have you seen the monk in charge of Yunquan Ancient Temple?" Fu Shaohua looked at him and said, "Did Mr. Wan say hello for me?" Shang Erbo said, "I've said that Mr. Wan is very enthusiastic and complains why I didn't send a few people to go with you." Fu Shaohua said, "There are already people in the Wanjia Gang who are looking for enlightenment first." Tie Da was stunned and said, "Young master, what you said.." "" What's the matter, young master? "Asked Shang Er, his eyes pressing. Fu Shaohua asked, "Do you two know who in the Wanjia Gang uses the left palm?" Tie Da and Shang Er said in unison, " 'Eight-armed Jade Nezha' Ren Tianwei." Fu Shaohua said, "Can Ren Tianwei practice Iron Sand Palm Skill on his left palm?" Tie Daodao: "Yes, that's his special skill." "We've seen him once since we came to the Wanjia Gang," said Shang Er. "He's vicious, domineering, and powerful." Fu Shaohua shook his eyebrows and said,titanium machining parts, "That's it!" Then, he told the story of "Yunquan Ancient Temple". As soon as Fu Shaohua finished speaking, Tie Da suddenly stood up. Shang Er secretly stretched out his hand and held him down. "Where are you going?"? Iron boss. 。 autoparts-dx.com