Medical Isolation Gowns factory 鈻?Our History Hangzhou Jinpu Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional textile production factory, a well-known processing enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and an export enterprise. The company was founded in 2012 and currently has a fast and professional health&Proofing center and clothing production Center. The company is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It has obvious regional production advantages. We rely on more advanced production materials and design talents. We committed to innovative production, we serve those who seek quality and enjoyment. 鈻?nbsp;Our Factory The company has all kinds of advanced clothing production equipment and front, back road supporting equipment more than 200 units. We not only have first-class equipment, but we also have more than 300 key employees. We have two sets of production system, one is the health protection type of production workshop, one is a comprehensive garment production workshop. We have a high standard of clean and sterile production environment. The management of our factory (production management, quality management, safety guard management, employment conditions) has been fully evaluated by the country and industry. 鈻?nbsp;Our Product The company mainly produces: civil and medical disposable protective masks, all types of medical masks, protective clothing and clothing products: swim trunks,jackets, shirts, wool coat, down jackets, fashion collection and so on. 鈻?nbsp;Product Application Our company's disposable masks have passed national security and quality clearances and are being supplied throughout China. We contributed to the health of our citizens around the world during the epidemic. Our products are exported overseas, including the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore and so on. Our clothing is suitable for everyday wear or party dress, we have customized a variety of styles, according popular, fun, old, retro, we can tailor clothing according to customer needs. 鈻?nbsp;Our Certificate We have bulk clothing manufacturing, garment manufacturing capacity and medical device production license, our business license includes daily mask production, medical mask wholesale, medical personnel protection supplies wholesale, class II medical equipment sales. We have the right to import and export according to law, our products meet the requirements of foreign trade exports, legally hold CE, FDA certificate, welcome customers from all over the world to consult us. 鈻?nbsp;Production Equipment My company has the world standard mask production equipment, clothing production equipment. Fine operation, clear division of labor, which can ensure high efficiency and high-quality output. 鈻?nbsp;Production Market We have won the honor of excellent production plant in Zhejiang Province, China for 5 consecutive years, our customer service has doubled every year, and we have achieved continuous production volume and production capacity improvement. Our customers are always 100% satisfied with us. 鈻?/strong> Our Service Pre-sales: We perform one-to-one customer docking, which directly meets your needs. Sales: We have a specialist to follow up your order, timely track production progres,monitor production standards, and arrange logistics shipments. After-sales: You still enjoy our VIP service after received products , we will follow up the feedback and provide a comprehensive high-quality service for customer.Medical Isolation Gowns factory website: