Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities, is delighted to announce the launch of its featured product, the Hydrazide Gel Kit for high-yield protein purification. This innovative kit is set to revolutionize the field of protein purification by offering excellent performance, efficiency, and reliability.


Hydrazide Gel is an efficient glycoprotein binding medium that can bind oxidized sugar molecules on antibody glycans without interacting with amino acids. This important functionality gives it specificity for immunoglobulins with glycans that are conspicuously distanced from the hypervariable binding regions. By using acyl hydrazide gel, antibodies can be connected to solid-phase carriers through oxidized sugar moieties, thus maintaining the integrity of the antibodies, which other conjugation methods cannot guarantee. This method involves the oxidation of sugar molecules with periodic acid to convert adjacent hydroxyl groups into aldehydes (-CHO), which are then bound to hydrazide agarose.


Amerigo Scientific’s Hydrazide Gel Kit addresses the constant need for efficient protein purification solutions that ensure high yields and exceptional purity levels. Guaranteed by Amerigo Scientific’s team of scientists, this kit harnesses the power of hydrazide chemistry to ensure optimal results compared to traditional purification methods, which results in a faster and more streamlined purification process, allowing researchers to save valuable time and resources.


The Marketing Manager at Amerigo Scientific expressed enthusiasm about the featured product: “The Hydrazide Gel Kit represents a significant advancement in protein purification technology. We are excited to offer researchers a solution that enhances their ability to obtain pure and high-yield protein samples effortlessly. This breakthrough will undoubtedly expedite critical research in various fields, including pharmaceutical development and biotech applications.”


Furthermore, Amerigo Scientific also offers other protein purification products including various reagents, columns, and related products designed for efficient protein purification. With customer satisfaction in mind, Amerigo Scientific always delivers optimal solutions for clients to propel their research.


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